Adapting To Fast Change

On July 4, 1776 King George of England wrote in his diary, “Nothing much happened today.” If King George lived in our world today he would have had a very hectic day. The Declaration of Independence would have been posted on the internet for all to view around the world. He and the politicians of England would have been scrambling to diffuse the Revolution taking place in America.

The fast paced world we live in requires us to adjust to change rapidly. I encourage you as church leaders to be on the lookout for the changes God wants you to make in your life and your ministry. Be encouraged that the tools at your disposal allow you to make effective use of the technology around you. Instead of being like King George, you can keep up with the very latest.

At the same time, God wants us to slow down enough to be in tune with Him and His will. My prayer is that you will be aware of the world around you and trusting in the God who made this world. With this combination you will be able to keep us with the change the Lord sends your way.