Annual Meeting in Review

The Southern Wisconsin Baptist Association annual meeting was held this past Saturday in Stevens Point.  Pastor Trey Turner was the host church for the SWBA working with First Baptist pastor Kelly Knauss and Tapestry Chruch pastor Robert Terrell of Steven Point.   Highlights of the meeting included guests coming from Texas to present checks to the United Hmong Baptist Church in Sun Prairie and La Crosse Hmong Mission Fellowship.

Many thanks goes to Mark Snowden who came from the North American Mission Board to conduct a one day Bible Storying Immersion workshop.    Mark has conducted in 54 countries around the world and is the co-author of Truth That Sticks with Avery Willis.   The teaching done on Bible Storying was very well received and the messengers were challenged to accurate with the Scriptures as they teach in story format.

Some statistics that came to us in the teaching include that there are more than 6,900 known languages known in the world today but only 457 of them have a complete written Bible.    A great deal of the world lives in the context of oral culture including many Americans.    We thank the Lord for bringing this training to our association and we pray that this time together will help us be better communicators of God’s Word.