Are You Inspiring People?

Are you inspiring people? That is a good question to ask yourself as you lead people. A few years ago I had a job review and my score was very low in the category that asked if I was able to inspire people to take action. I began to ask myself why I was scoring low in this area.

One reason I believe that I scored low was because there were too many details in my life that consumed me. My concern often was with the nuts and bolts of the organization rather than the hearts and minds of the people in the congregation. Being concerned about things over people is a tendency for all of us to be aware.

Wisconsin is known for one of the great motivators in sports. Vince Lombardi was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during their dynasty years. Lombardi had great passion for football and people at the same time. He knew how to inspire his players to give extra effort, to play hurt, and to play with excellence.

In the church today I believe it is important that we remember people need to be inspired. True inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit. We can not expect church members to be mechanical always acting out of duty. Somewhere along the line, they need inspiration from the Word of God, from our actions, and from our leadership.

Pray that God would give you passion to inspire your people to follow the Lord more passionately. Pray for creative ways that you can use God’s Word to inspire your flock. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all you do so your life is an inspiration to those around you.