Being a “Missional” Church

What does it mean to be a misisonal church? There is a lot of talking going around these days about churches being on mission both in their local communities and around the world. I believe one really good answer has come to us in the book written by Ed Stetzer titled, Breaking the Missional Code.

Stetzer makes the point that churches who have broken the missional code have discovered what makes a community tick. These churches are connecting with people in their communities. As I began to think about my own personal experiences, I would like to mention a few churches in my past where I have seen churches break the missional code.

In New Jersey, there is a Presbyterian church in New Providence that provides an event once a month to youth called “Fire Escape.” Fire Escape is essentially a coffee house, a place to dance, and a place for teenagers to socialize. This youth ministry uses Fire Escape as one of the main entry points for teenagers to connect in a socially relevant way.

Another church that I experienced recently is the famous Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas led by Ed Young, Jr. Young seems to connect with people on a regular basis with his creativity talking on relevant subjects. Although the service that I attended did not make a strong connection with me, it was obvious that Young and his entire ministry are connecting with thousands of people in relevant ways.

I could probably go on and on about churches that are connecting in relevant ways so the gospel message of Jesus Christ can be shared. How about you? What churches have you attended in the past or know about that are breaking the missional code?

The missional code is different for every community. It is up to us as Christian leaders to figure out how we can best reach the people of our local communities. Ask the Lord for insight how you can break the missional code in your community. Share Jesus as you meet the needs of people in relevant ways.