CBA Name is Changing to Southern Wisconsin Baptist Association

At the November 6 annual meeting the messengers of the Central Baptist Association voted unanimously on a new constitution and by-laws that also brings a name change. The name of the association will become the Southern Wisconsin Baptist Association officially as of January 1, 2011.

Why have a name change? That is a really good question that has been talked about the past two years. Back in 1967 when the CBA was first started the association was truly central as it was in the middle between the Lakeland Association of the Milwaukee area and the Northwoods Association which covered Minnesota. Since that time several more associations have been added and divided up the territory.
So with that in mind the new name of the Southern Wisconsin Baptist Association gives a more accurate description of the current geographical location. Many people here in Wisconsin and outside of our area ask, “Where is the Central Baptist Association?” Now our name will give people a much better idea.
There are currently at least 12 different associations in America called the Central Baptist Association. This name will help people know where we are and who we are just through the first mention of our name. People from inside our association and outside our association will identify much easier.
So with all that in mind, please begin sharing with church members and partners that we are making the name change. We will continue to be the same group of believers gathered together to plant and develop prevailing churches.