Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Month

Today I saw a great example of how a church took time out to appreciate the life, ministry, and family of their pastor. I attended Gospel Baptist Church in Sparta, Wisconsin today and was witness to how the body of Christ at Gospel paid honor to Pastor Jef Skinner, his wife Paula, and their family.

In this picture to the right Jef and Paula are holding up two paintings that were done by a local artist the church commissioned. Gifts were also given by different leaders of the church representing different ministries.
Pastors do have great challenges on all fronts. October has been set aside by many churches as Clergy Appreciation Month. I am thankful for churches like Gospel Baptist in Sparta being so kind and loving to their pastor. If you and your church have not already honored your pastor this month, would you take the time and energy to do so over the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. If your church has already honored your pastor this month, will you take time to do so? You can find out more about how to appreciate your pastor www.parsonage.org.