Church Planting in Wisconsin Rapids


Pastor Trey and Lea Ann Turner


A new church plant is now meeting in Wisconsin Rapids on Sunday nights.   The Church at Wazeecha has officially started holding public worship services in Kellner Moravian Church at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday nights.   Pastor Trey Turner moved from Texas back in 2008 with a vision to start a new church that would make disciples.      Then their church would be a church that would plant churches.   Starting in the Fall of 2013 after several years of home bible studies, Trey began leading public worship service and inviting the community.

Please pray for Trey and Lea Ann as The Church at Wazeecha starts.   They have a commitment Sunday coming for Easter.  Mission teams are also scheduled come this summer from Illinois and Texas.   A summer missionary is coming from Liberty University.  Pray God uses all these mission efforts to reach people in Wisconsin Rapids with the gospel.

Trey has also asked us to pray the Lord will raise up a worship leader for them.   Pray this church will reach lost people and that the Lord of harvest will send laborers to the Wisconsin Rapids area.   Thank you for your partnership in the gospel as you keep Trey, Lea Ann, and The Church at Wazeecha in your prayers.