Digesting God’s Word

Over the past few months I really am thankful for the free online Bible provided through the www.esv.org web site. I realize that many of you are like me. To find the time in our lives to sit down and read the Bible can be very difficult. However, the English Standard Version has a free online version you can access through their www.esv.org web site and listen to the Bible for free.

Back in my college days I had a tremendous desire for the Word of God. I can remember a Gideon giving me small pocket Bible as I was going into the library at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. That Bible became my source of strength and joy for several years as I read it over and over.

Now as a husband, dad, and a guy working in church stuff, I find it can be hard to carve out time when I am surrounded by people. The ESV is a great tool because you can listen to God’s Word when you are getting ready for the day, fixing breakfast, eating, cleaning the house, and keep your hands free.

I have come to recognize that as a follower of Christ that I really need a steady intake of spiritual nutrition that comes from hearing or listening to God’s Word. This tool has been a real blessing in my life. If you have not already, I encourage you to check out this free way of hearing from God on a daily basis.