Helping People Close to You Who Are Far From God

On May 19 we had the privilege of having Dennis Pethers from London, England with us to teach on sharing Christ.    Dennis grew up in an unchurched environment in England and came to Christ as a young man.    He now has a ministry where he is traveling around the world teaching followers of Christ how they can ask the right questions to their family and friends.

Dennis teaches about making use of the relationships that we already have.  Our mission is to help people who are close to us and are far from God.    We can share our own testimony and the testimonies of others whose lives have been changed by Jesus.   People are invited into discovery groups which help to facilitate the sharing of the gospel.

We are thankful for Lifeway Christian Resources as they sponsored this event to help bring this teaching to our churches.  Lifeway is now offering the More to Life kit with the teachings of Dennis Pethers. For more information on More to Life, you can go to


Participants listening to Dennis Pethers teach on sharing Christ