Importance of Leadership Development

As we start the new year in 2007, what are your plans for developing as a leader? If you do not have an intentional plan, then there is a good chance you are not going to develop. Here in the Central Association in Wisconsin we are working diligently at developing leadership.

We give our pastors books, DVDs, provide training, and share any resources we can that will help develop their leadership capacity. Experience has taught us that pastors hit barriers when it comes to numerical church growth. With all that in mind, what are your plans to grow in 2007 as a leader?

Here are some suggestions:

-Ask other pastors what books they are reading which have been helpful.
-Read blogs on the internet.
-Tap into the wonderful world of podcasts which are free on the internet.
– Make use of your time in the car listening to other pastors’ sermons or leadership material.
-Get in touch with God to ask Him what area of your life you need to work on in 2007.
-Put down some written goals. We know those who put goals in writing are much more likely to be intentional.

These are only some of many suggestions to grow as a person and as a leader in 2007. I believe that we are honoring God when we work as hard as we can to develop to our full potential. May the Lord encourage you to be intentional in growing as a leader in 2007!