Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

As we take a look at the year in review for the churches of the Central Baptist Association we are very grateful for the way the Lord has worked in 2010. We praise the Lord for the generosity and cooperation of our churches. This year all of our churches in the CBA have seen the Lord at work.

When a year comes to an end there comes a time to reflect on what has taken place. This year in 2010 we have seen four churches get started in the form of Red Village, Brotherly Love International, United Hmong, and Iglesia Hispana Madison. We have seen increases more than 300 volunteers come through our churches to serve in carrying out the Great Commission. We give God the credit for the increases in baptism, church giving, and worship attendance from the totals of our CBA churches in 2010.

One changed life that is represented from these numbers is Becky Strait-Campobello. Becky gave her testimony at our annual meeting in November and she shared with us how the Lord has changed her life. A little more than a year ago she was an alcoholic and without Christ. Through her church and her family she accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior. She entered a treatment center and has given her life totally to the Lord. Becky shared with us how her teenage daughter has also come to Christ in 2010. Today she is leading a victorious life because God is working through the people who have surrounded her.

We rejoice with Becky and the many like her who now have different lives because of their salvation and discipleship experience in our churches. Yet we know that many are still in need of the Savior who came at Christmas and we look forward to how God is yet to work in 2011 and beyond. With that in mind we want to thank you as partners for being part of our mission to plant and develop prevailing churches.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!