Name Change for the Central Association

At our January 24 meeting the officers will be bringing up a name change idea for the CBA. Why have a name change? Since I have been here many people asked me the name of my organization. As I think out loud I ask the question, what does Central Association really mean?

Where did the name Central Baptist Association come from? When the MWBC was first starting, there was a Lakeland Association, Central Association, and a Northland Association. Our area was “central” to these two other associations. As the MWBC has continued to expand and start new associations over the years, our name has become irrelevant.

A proposal that we are bringing to our association is to have a new name that will better reflect our area and who we are. The name “Southern Wisconsin Baptist Association” is one name that has surfaced during our discussions. We certainly are open to your input but we believe a name like this one gives identity to who we are.

The goal for our name change is to officially change the name by January 1, 2009. Your thoughts are welcome on this matter. As I have been sharing this idea with pastors in the CBA and leaders in the MWBC, there is consensus and agreement a name change such as this one would be very helpful. Your thoughts and comments are welcome.