New USC-2er Starts at UW-Madison

DW Feaster, a recent graduate of North Greenville University in South Carolina has just started a two year assignment in the Central Baptist Association. DW will be serving as a USC-2er over the next two years working with international students at UW. A USC-2er is a recent college graduate serving in the United States or Canada for two years with the North American Mission Board.

This assignment has DW working with Pastor Mark Hong of Campus Community Church being his supervisor. He is also working with an organization that specializes in international student ministry, Associations of Christians Ministering Among Internationals (ACMI). The president of ACMI, Leiton Chin, is also providing mentoring and guidance for DW as he gets started on the campus of UW.

Some have asked the question, how will this position work with Quest, the already established group led by Lentz Upshaw on campus. DW will be leading a group called Plug In which is a group of students meeting on campus that has been formed out of Campus Community Church. Lentz will continue to lead the Quest Bible study on campus.

We are grateful that both Lentz and DW are now on campus reaching out to students in Jesus’ name. Be in prayer that the Lord will use them in powerful ways this coming academic year.