Planning Ahead For Next Summer

Summer misisonaries and summer misison teams are great ways for you to add energy to your church. At the same time, you can help young women and men fulfill the call that God has on their life. Right now is the time to act for next summer as most churches plan a year in advance. The deadline for requesting summer missionaries is August 1,2006.

To request mission teams, go to and register your church. To obtain summer missionaries, you can call the North American Mission Board and talk to the Missionary Mobilization department.

What can mission teams do? Mission teams can help you with construction, sports camps, Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Clubs, drama, surveying, and a host of other projects. I encourage you to vist and check out all the projects that are being done around the country.

A summer or semester misisonary can help strengthen a church. Many summer misisonaries work in the area of children’s ministry and youth ministry. There are a lot of other ministries that college students can help in your church. Because most college students are eager to serve, they bring a great deal of spiritual energy and excitement.

Please pray about what God may have you do next summer!