Preaching Workshop Coming

From February 23-25 the Central Baptist Association is hosting an exposition preaching workshop. Why have this workshop? Most people coming to our churches are judging the church on sermons. Guests really need to hear from God. This workshop is put together by the Charles Simeon Trust with that thought in mind.

I recommend pastors come to this meeting so they can have a better understanding of how to accurately interpret God’s Word. Over the course of time many pastors have been helped by participating in this workshop. Jeff Nettles of Rolling Hills Church has shared with me that this workshop has been one of the most helpful workshops he has ever attended.

You can register online at for the cost of only $99. Normally, this workshop would cost significantly more. We are thankful for our partnership with the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention and the Charles Simeon Trust. Some of our guest speakers includes renowned preachers like David Helm. May the Lord use this workshop to enrich the preaching skills of our pastors.