Purpose of the Association

What is the purpose of the association in Southern Baptist life? The best answer I have heard comes from Hugh Townsend of the North American Mission Board. Hugh says,”The association exists to serve the churches.” That has been some of the best advice given to me since starting as a Director of Missions back on September 1, 2005.

This year the association in America is celebrating its 300th anniversary. The very first association was located in Philadelphia and was designed to help facilitate fellowship among the pastors. Since that time the role of the association has changed in many different ways.

Our goal as the Central Baptist Association is to serve and equip our churches to fulfill the Great Commission in their local communities. Our mission statement as developed by our pastors reads, “Plant and develop prevailing churches.” By God’s grace that is what we are focused on as an association.

To find out more about our mission statement and our core values you can visit our web site at www.cbaow.net. I thank God for giving our pastors clear vision and focus. May the Lord help us to be a relevant association to our churches and communities.