Relaunching at Friendship Church in Wisconsin

Over the past few months Friendship Baptist Church in Ft. Atkinson, WI has begun the process of retooling their church. It began back in August when the church agreed to take a Church Health Survey put together by Church Central ( In the following weeks, the survey was completed by the congregation and the results were delivered to the congregation.

On November 5, Robert and Sherry Timmons announced the resignation of Robert as pastor from Friendship. Sicne that time, Clint Calvert and his church health team from the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention ( has come in and officially begun the process of transitioning.

The church now has a transition team at work. Team members are made up of three members of the church and three members of the MWBC church health team. I am grateful to be working with this team as we experience a new beginning. Please be in prayer for Friendship Church as they select a new pastor to guide them through the transition.

Please be in prayer for the transition team as they work together to see God’s will accomplished at Fort Atkinson.