Ways we are resourcing churches:

– Giving books to pastors and church leaders.

– Hosting workshops and seminars that meet the needs of our pastors and church leadership.

– Enlisting and partnering with mission teams.

– Sharing free samples of dated literature from Lifeway available in the SWBA office.

– Church health consultations While we know the task of planting churches is important, we recognize that is also just as crucial to develop members and churches to become mature.

One of the tools we use to help our churches is a church health survey designed by Church Central. This survey measures six areas which include worship, discipleship, evangelism, ministry, worship, and ministry. The last ten clarify doctrinal beliefs. If you would like to gather more information or schedule a consultation, please contact Mark at mark@wisconsinbaptist.org.

We are encouraging all of our churches to use this survey on a regular basis so they can understand where they stand in terms of church health. For more information, you can check out www.churchcentral.com.


GPS 2012

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