Thank You for Coming and for Your Prayers

Yesterday we had our our Central Baptist Association quarterly business meeting and we had Day One of our two day On Mission Celebration. We want to thank all the people who came to the meeting and for the many people around the country praying for us. We would also like to thank Caryn Jette, our OMC coordinator, and River of Life Church for hosting us.

There are some important items of business that came about from the business meeting. The Administrative Team voted on the new constitution and by-laws to be approved. This approval is another step in the process so that they will now go to the messengers at our annual meeting on November 6 at Transformation Church in Sun Prairie.
What does this mean to change the constitution and by-laws? Well there are two major results. First, these documents of the CBA will now more accurately reflect the current practices. Second, the name of the CBA will change to Southern Baptist Wisconsin Association.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, November 6, at our annual meeting in Sun Prairie.
In the next few posts we will have more highlights and news from our OMC. Continue to be in prayer that God will mobilize us into missionaries for His gospel!!!