Thank you to all the Mission Teams who came this summer

I would like to personally thank all the mission teams who came to serve the churches of the Central Baptist Association this summer. We had mission teams come from Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas. Their impact on our churches and their communities have been very evident.

Churches who were served by the mission teams include Three Rivers Fellowship in Lacrosse, Gospel Baptist in Sparta, Midvale Baptist in Madsion, Madison Hmong Baptist Church, Campus Community Church, Heartland Church in Richland Center, River of Life Church in Portage, and Prairie Springs Church in Sun Prairie. The mission teams were involved in numerous forms of ministry including prayer walking, Vacation Bible School, block parties, surveying, servant evangelism projects, construction, and numerous other ministries.

At places like Gospel Baptist and Prairie Springs Church the impact has been evident. New people are investigating the church. Parents have come to the closing events of sports camp and VBS. These are only two of the examples how these teams have had impact.

Campus Community Church is going through a major renovation project. Great progress was made by the teams from North Carolina and Alabama. Pastor Mark Hong has expressed deep appreciation for the volunteer work done by these teams.

With more than 150 people coming to the CBA this year to be on mission, our prayer is that next year even more teams will come. What do mission teams leave in their wake? They have planted the seeds of the gospel, morale is lifted at churches, new people are coming to our churches, and training is done by the teams so our people can do ministry more effectively in the future.

At Prairie Springs Church the very first VBS was conducted by Central Park Baptist of Alabama. As the week was unfolding the leaders of PSC were heard saying, “We can do VBS next year by ourselves. We needed this week to gain confidence.” What a testimony to see how mission teams can help our churches develop leadership for the future!! Thank you to the many scores of people who came this summer to give of your life. Know that your labor in the Lord was not in vain but your investment in the kingdom of God here in Southern Wisconsin is very fruitful!!!