Using Facebook to Connect With People

Over the past few weeks I have been finding the value of connecting with people in Facebook. Most people I am talking to are much younger than me. Have you heard how we are losing are younger generations? Facebook is a good way for you to become relevant with the high tech savvy generation.

What got me started? A number of months back I registered for Facebook and never really used it a lot. However, a few weeks ago I went to Southern Seminary on a church planter recruiting trip. One student at Southern who plans to come back to Wisconsin to plant a church suggested starting a fellowship for Minnesota-Wisconsin students at Southern.

He set up a group for the MWBC on Facebook and we have had a number of people join. I have since connected with some of the students we talked to in person. It has been a great way to follow up with those people.

Another use of Facebook is to connect with the younger people in our churches and outside of our churches. For those of us connected to colleges and universities, Facebook is a major way student ministers are talking to students these days. Millions of junior high and high school students are also using Facebook so you can be in touch with them as well.

I encourage you to register in Facebook and make it a point to get connected. Sharing the gospel and networking can be accomplished at no cost except your time. Of course, you can check in with family members and old friends as well. Check it out the next time you are online and get connected at