Volunteer Groups Coming to Madison

We have great news as we have several different volunteer groups planning to come to Madison. From November 16-21, a group of 69 people will be coming from Louisiana Tech to help the campus ministry at UW-Madison. They will also be leading worship in four of our churhces in the area.

Next summer two more groups will be coming in July to support the work of the ministry in Madison. This past week Pastor Craig Carlisle and his Minister of Education, Ken Bush, came for a pre-mission visit to meet with our Madison pastors. They toured all of our Madison area churches and the community. Their group will be here from July 22-28.

Another group wil be here next summer from the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association in North Carolina. Led by their Director of Missions, Keith Dixon, their group will be here from July 6-15 to also meet needs in the churches and communities of Madison.

Please be in prayer for these groups as they prepare and come to help us in the CBA. We praise God for raising up laborers for the harvest here in southern Wisconsin!