What I Learned This Week

This week I went to the Director of Missions Summit in Ft. Worth, Texas on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The meeting was sponsored by the Network of Baptist Associations known as NOBA. This organization is meant to provide resources and training for Directors of Missions across the United States.

While at the NOBA meeting I learned from a number of people. Bobby Gilstrap, a Director of Missions from Michigan, taught a seminar on technology. He shared a number of useful tips during a seminar that he led. One of my goals in 2008 is to utilize the free technology that is at our finger tips. He talked about using online registration, sending out e-mail via the web, keeping an updated web site, and a variety of other helpful tips.

Another very helpful seminar I attended was taught by Ted Knapp. Ted is the Director of Missions for the Crescent Bay Association in the west Los Angeles area. Ted’s association is making a dramatic difference in the churches of his association. His approach to helping churches become healthy was very insightful.

I learned from my mentor Keith Dixon who shared with me how he stays in close touch with his churches. Keith is the DOM for an association in North Carolina. He has seen tremendous growth in his association over the past few years.

There are many other tidbits that I could share but suffice it to say that I want to take back home some of these key teachings and put them into practice. Pray for me to become a better DOM in my area and that the churches of the CBA would benefit from my trip to Texas.