Why Come to the Annual Meeting?

Our annual meeting is coming to Trinity Baptist in Reedsburg this October 11. One question that is often asked of me, “Why should I come to this meeting? This article will share with you some reasons for you to make the time to come.

First, there is strength in numbers. We can accomplish much more together than we can alone. Together as a group of a churches there is encouragement, fellowship, and purpose. The churches of the CBA are accomplishing a great deal for the kingdom together. You can meet some very insightful, Christlike, and funny people at these meetings.

Second, this year the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention is hosting our meeting. You will see how the gospel is being shared across the world and how you can be involved. Elvin McCann, a former misisonary to East Asia, will be with us to share a vision how you and your church can be engaged.

Third, you have an opportunity to participate in the voting process of the annual meeting. Each church is eligible to bring five messengers for every fifty resident members. Pastors, we encourage you to bring at least four other messengers so they can participate in the annual meeting. We will vote on the annual budget and hear reports and testimonies that are put together for your encouragement and inspiration.

There are many more reasons for you to invest a Saturday to come to our annual meeting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me in the CBA office at 608-825-9946 or e-mail me at mark@cbaow.net. I pray we will see you this year at the annual meeting in Reedsburg.